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You got SCOTUS in my FeenPhone 3-way! – Freedom Feens radio archive


Randy England esq., Michael W. Dean and Lousander Feen do the FIRST-EVER 3-WAY full show on radio connecting to each other via FeenPhone. It’s HISTORY in the making rammed right into your ear hole!

The talk about the recent supreme court decision that ignorance of the law IS an excuse….IF you’re a cop. Other fun topics: NYPD stage military coup of NYC (more on that here), and finally, STEPHAN MOLYNUEX GOES FULL-ON STATIST and backs taxes!




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Is there Liberty in Scotland? – Freedom Feens radio archive

Proof Template

Dan Greene of the Greening Out Podcast talks from Glasgow, Scotland about the future of liberty throughout the world.



Scottish liberty flag by Davi Barker.

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Ben Stone and Michael Dean: Do Everything as if it’s the Only Thing You’ll Be Remembered For – Freedom Feens radio archive


Ben Stone the Bad Quaker and Michael W. Dean imitate two old coots sitting on the porch discussing mortality. They do the show they’d do if they knew they were going to die tomorrow. It’s a heavy episode, with some fun and a bunch of redemption in the third act.

“Do everything as if it’s the only thing you’ll be remembered for.”
–Michael W. Dean

MP3 of Freedom Feens show intro song “Lucy In The Sky With Desi” by Bomb

Sean’s Outpost
Bitcoin Not Bombs

Michael’s book: A User’s Manual For The Human Experience
Michael’s book: $30 Film School

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MK Lords, Davi Barker and Derrick J. at Distance-Learning Liberty Media School – Freedom Feens radio archive


MK Lords and Davi Barker do some live radio with Derrick J. They’re all experience liberty journalists, but Michael W. Dean feels that it’s important that people do live radio to a show clock with people other than Michael W. Dean. (Michael took the night off to clean guns, eat a bowl of sugar, and grade the show live as it happens. He gives everyone an A+).

Topics include Edward Snowden, attempts to “crack down” on Bitcoin, PGP encryption, and why the State thinks Derrick isn’t allowed to accessorize his gun with a coat.

two good security articles worth a re-blog:

Licking The Envelope (An easy guide on how to use PGP ENCRYPTED E-MAIL)
How to Do Encrypted, Off-The-Record Instant Messenger With Pidgin

–Treat Each Other With Kindness–

Continue reading MK Lords, Davi Barker and Derrick J. at Distance-Learning Liberty Media School – Freedom Feens radio archive

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Government-proof audio bunker transmissions from LibPar – commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive


Radical capitalism advocates Lousander Feen, Michael W. Dean and Nick Hazelton discuss farming, “Hogwash An American Pig Tale“, Grand Juries and “the People’s Court.”

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Boston T. Party, Bill Buppert and Ernie Hancock Stew in their Libertarian Juices – Freedom Feens Radio

L to R: Ernie Hancock, Boston T. Party, Bill Buppert
L to R: Ernie Hancock, Boston T. Party, Bill Buppert

OG libertarians Boston T. Party, Bill Buppert and Ernie Hancock tipple some tasty beverages and then centrally plan the spontaneous order of The Liberty Movement with Michael W. Dean. lol.

Topics include: Is Stefan Molyneux a cult?, Boston T. Party experiences Chris Cantwell for the first time, the three shifts a day in liberty the create the 24/7 guard, Larken Rose’s article “When should you shoot a cop?“, Molon Labe, Irwin Schiff, Fusion Centers, Claire Wolfe’s quote: “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards“, spotting government agents, “Is Chris Cantwell a cop?”, exactly how the mainstream media manipulates things, Ernie Hancock’s great tips for dealing with the mainstream media, Free State Project, Paul Bonneau, “Is it a violation of the NAP to hit Ernie Hancock over the head when he won’t shut up”?, the need for balance in liberty, and the future of the liberty mission.


Animated video: Stefan Molyneux responds to criticism from OG libertarian David Gordon (parody)

BOSTON T. PARTY (a.k.a. Kenneth W. Royce):
Boston on Wikipedia
All Boston’s books on Amazon
Javelin Press
Free State Wyoming forum

ZeroGov: Limited Government, Unicorns and Other Mythological Creatures.
Bill Buppert’s episodes of the Freedom Feens

Freedoms Phoenix

Other mentioned topics:
Claire Wolfe on Wikipedia
Claire’s blog
All Claire’s books on Amazon
Claire’s free eBook: Rats! Your guide to protecting yourself against snitches, informers, informants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin

Project Appleseed

Without the government who would point guns at you? Chris Cantwell, that’s who! “The Snooki of Liberty” muzzle sweeps the cameraman, himself and downtown Keene NH with his snubbie revolver in this Colbert Report piece. (Cantwell’s horribly unsafe gun handling is at 2 min 5 seconds into the video). Boston T. Party and Bill Buppert give their opinion on unsafe gun handling.

The four rules of gun safety are explained very well in “Gun Training With The Non-aggression Principle, Vol 1: Basic Handgun and Rifle with Jared Waltz

Trailer for same.

The four rules of gun safety are explained very well and demonstrated by a pretty girl in the beginning of the movie Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.

How To Fire A Glock Faster And More Accurately

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An Unconventional Look at Conventions – Freedom Feens radio archive


Davi Barker, Michael W. Dean and MK Lords discuss the various aspects of human gatherings, liberty and otherwise. Covered are conventions, conferences, un-conferences, expos, festivals, jam-band-burning-renfaires and more.

Also discussed are men-cutting feminists, anarcho-communists who engage in capitalism and much more.

Davi also states that “As soon as people started farming, the started getting farmed.”

List of places in the US and Europe Michael Dean toured with his DIY or DIE film.

Michael’s book A User’s Manual For The Human Experience

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Derrick J and Nick the Yak Farmer explain the basics of Individual Liberty – commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive


Derrick J and Nick Hazelton discuss the real basics, and advanced concepts of liberty.

This show bridges the difficult gap between “Understandable for N00bs” and “Entertaining for Feens”.


Libertarian charity. Union Leader FSP article:

Twitter Says Warrant Canaries Are Legal. Huh? Worms.


Nick’s Objection to Anarcho-Capitalism

(or, “Why I went An-Yak”)

Libertarians Against Humanity


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Estimated Prophet – Freedom Feens live radio archive

Non-aggression principle periodic table meme

Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean discuss the problems of libertarian authoritarians, and the joys of maintaining your amateur status so you can compete in the liberty olympics.

Includes some blind-accessible “visual humor described in audio only.”

24 types of authoritarians and libertarians.

Non-aggression periodic meme by Davi.



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Please insert the blue wire into your cortex now – Freedom Feens live radio archive


Michael W. Dean and Chandler St. Pierre tell the Central Scrutinizer “We don’t want your stinkin’ wires in our brains, the Feens can upload to a private blockchain!”

Then they have a distance-learning anarchy series on hunting, voiceover, audio production, Pink Floyd, Bauhaus, Jane’s Addiction and some stuff we can’t put here….hell, it’s the Feens, you’ll hear it.

Feens wrestling power animal memes by Davi Barker.



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