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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how Apple now has more cash on hand than the US Government, they eulogize Steve Jobs, talk up Steve Smith and Vaporsmith e-ciggs. They discuss stupid tobacco laws, celebrate that Ian Freeman’s out of jail, yack about Michael Frante and Spearhead, why GoDaddy is like if the government ran the Internet, Robert Anton Wilson’s “Guns and Dope Party”, Corporatism, Thomas Edison started GE, who pay no taxes still, the A-Tyranny General, Operation Wide Receiver, The Military-Industrial-Light Bulb complex, Blood money and what’s good about the Saudi legal system, the cool 81-year old feminist lesbian anarchist Ursula K. LeGuin, Microbroadcasters Dale Gribble and Art Bell, an America-legal FM transmitter kit you could use to broadcast Freedom Feens (or anything) up a mile, how people should be archiving our episodes in case we’re shut down, or droned, the LRN.fm site with more technical info on microbroadcasting, FM pre-emphasis, how cats are less pets and more like strange roommates, Michael’s cat eating a dresser, Feds closing Cali pot stores, why many NRA members are hypocrites, a good documentary on pirate radio, playing “The Game of Life” with libertarian rules, the government’s attempt to beg rather than coerce for once, AND WE GIVE AWAY A DIGITAL CAMERA!

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi ask “What if the Founding Fathers had added HASSLE DOCTRINE to the Bill of Rights?” Then they discuss the Mongoose Problem, Hillary Clinton admitting that the U.S government created and funded Al-Qaeda, the ramifications of the President now being able to drone any American to death, the problems of the minimum wage, why the Southern Poverty Law Center are worse than Joseph McCarthy, why the government is both trick AND pimp, more on UN Agenda 21, why some teachers say using white paper is racist, Red Dawn, narrowcasting, FCC part 15 Microbroadcasting, where you can buy an FM transmitter to possibly legally transmit up to a mile (if you’re not in the USA), hilarious statist horizontal enforcement against pirate radio and responses to that, why stealing should be called “taxing”, the unconstitutionality of alphabet soup gub’mint agencies, labeling people and sorting the world with Venn Diagrams, libertarian seasteading, libertarian whore boats, net neutrality, The Big Mac Index, FEMA’s Waffle House Index, how UPS service is better than the Post Office and how this shows why everything should be privatized, a list of California public officials charged with crimes, why Jerry Brown is still demanding California Uber Alles, White House can’t find Michael’s state Wyoming on the map, why many parents would rather have their kid die in war than be a live war protester, and how to get idiots out of your life and be happy.

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Turn your cash into liberty!