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In this wonderful and expertly produced audio episode, Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi debunk the Broken Window Fallacy, celebrate the release of the West Memphis Three and condemn the idiots who think it’s a bad thing that they were freed, discuss guns in public meetings and the public “servants” who hate them, British youth hopped up on socialism and jenkem, Obama using your money to wire the sticks with DSL, Smoky the Bear; Ron Paul, meth cooks and Breaking Bad; blood money,  government press conferences – a hidden factor in the bias of media, why Neema is not running for Ron Paul’s Congressional seat, Wyoming cops take first forced blood draw and the long-term ramifications of that, and how libertarians would deal with drunk driving,

Turn your cash into liberty!


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss Ron Paul’s stance on legalizing heroin, and if libertarians believe in selling heroin to minors in vending machines. N and M explain their libertarian blueprint for perfect immigration reform, how Obama (and all politicians except Ron Paul) want to maintain the state’s monopoly on violence, the mass arrests and tear gas and sound weapons used against peaceful Illinois students, how to forecast tyranny, “Liberator Pistols” (and their use on the Bomb CD artwork), “The socialist WE”, Barbara Boxer’s evil bill to make shall-issue CCW may-issue nationwide, governments casting the net for loyalty oaths, the new “voluntary” self-bugging system for cell phones, Wyoming’s excellent lack of psychiatry, and the new video of Neema saying goodbye to Wyoming.


Turn your cash into liberty!