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Libertarianism 101 – Freedom Feens Radio



Michael W. Dean, Randy England and Dan Greene host. First half hour is just good fun. The rest of the show is a very solid intro to liberty.

Michael explains why he prefers Michael, not Mike, “Friend” being  a loosely used term these days. What it means to be a Libertarian and why you should be one, the Non-Aggression principal  and the ethics and philosophy behind it, Dan and Randy discuss the “Cabin in the woods” scenario and how the Non-Aggression principal would apply. Also, is it possible to attain true liberty without initiating or suffering aggression?

Check out “Hubert Selby Jr: It/ll be better tomorrow” A Michael W. Dean / Kenneth Shiffrin Production.

The Silver Rule, “Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you”, is a standard of behaviour found in the writings of, amongst others, Hillel the Elder (Talmud, Shabbat 31a). It is also found in Tobit 4,15. Carl Sagan refers to it as the converse of the ethical principle of the Golden Rule.

We start on a station in New York City tonight! Woot!


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Is it a violation of the NAP to send an army of assassins over a creepy phone call? – Freedom Feens radio archive



Lousander Feen, Michael W. Dean and MK Lords discuss Jeff Berwick’s possibly true threats on his Facebook page (HERE and HERE) over a fake “virtual kidnapping”, the joys of wanting to vomit while listening to mainstream conservative talk radio, and the fun topic of the Free Rangers un-scouting program.

Article about how extremely common “virtual kidnappings” are in Mexico (New York Times)

Article “Atlas Mugged” about Galt’s Gulch (Vice Magazine)

Libertarians Against Humanity

Freedom Feen Dianna Keiler reads David Gordon’s “Rothbard On Self-Defense and War” for Mises Institute.

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Broken girls and the boys who love them, part 2 – Freedom Feens live radio



Dianna Keiler and Michael W. Dean talk about “families, and what to do about them.” Also: marriage, divorce, and living a happy life, despite the people of the world and all their silly desires to tell you what to do.


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James Davis Teaches Us To Fight Against the State For the Children.


James Davis with Family

Pro freedom educator James Davis tells us how traditional schools can actually damage kids brains and shows us how to avoid this. If you can’t avoid sending your kids to the public school gulag he shares advice on how to lessen the impact and use the authoritarianism of the schoolmarms to show your kids how not to behave. James takes us beyond whats wrong with the system and gives plenty of workable options for opting out. He also explains why teenage rebellion ensures the survival of mankind. Check out libertychildren.com for more.

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how EVERYTHING would work better in the absence of government regulatory bodies, including antibiotics. Ron Paul basically getting called a fag (a la Idiocracy) in South Carolina, farmers dumping milk down the drain for the government, Ademo’s troubles with the man, Solar flares, Obama’s 8th grade-level followers, dad spam, Reno 911, Cedric Yarbrough, Tom on “Boondocks”, SOPA and Newscorp, Google and Facebook pull a Netflix, Iran refuses to return U.S. drone, offers cool toy version instead, self-defense dreams, China on SOPA, Wyoming wants to keep high school drop outs from being able to get a driver’s license, antibiotics in LibPar, Go Ask Alice, unintended consequences, drug dog busts Snoop Dogg’s bus, Tel Aviv lab creates fake DNA evidence, Marijuana DNA database to track origin of pot, and why is all the new useful science lately perverted for the purpose of throwing people into a cage?


Homework: watch the movies Gran Torino (you can watch free, with commercials, on Hulu, here) and Source Code.

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“USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE” Chapter 3 – The Only Two Rules In Life


A between-episodes treat from the Freedom Feens Podcast. Chapter 3 – The Only Two Rules In Life, A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, Audio book read by the author, Michael W. Dean.

This is where it gets REALLY interesting! We learn why most laws are silly, and how most people have a codependence problem with government (as well as with toxic people). We learn that everything in life, in living right, really boils down to only TWO RULES, and that’s all you need to live by. We cheerfully explore these rules at length: their history, their implementation and application. (We also learn a little about computer privacy, because that’s the way Michael teaches. It’s his view, it’s ALL connected.)

Michael Dean’s groundbreaking 2009 libertarian self-help book, A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE (GET THE PAPERBACK OF THE BOOK on Amazon, HERE.)

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