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Don't Detain Me, bro!

Obama says ” HAPPY NEW YEARS, SLAVES!” as he signs a bill allowing indefinite detention of American Citizens. Then Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi say they wouldn’t be surprised if there is soon a new government organization called “THE BUREAU OF ABORTION, IMMIGRATION, ALCOHOL AND ANIMALS or BAIAA, PRONOUNCED – BAHHH!” They discuss  the “start a religion” bet between Hubbard and Heinlein, talk about bullying teachers, Porno for Pyros, dancing in the streets in the scope of a sniper rifle, Michael’s SEO series, government cheese, the “Take the red pill” subscribe button, the 40,000 state laws taking effect at the start of the new year, the “No guns in city council” law passed, California to require a prescription for NyQuill, OWS guy stabbed a cop on New Year’s Eve, Eric Holder calls Fast And Furious furor false flag and blames white people, the Tor Browser Bundle and other technical workarounds in case the gub’mint passes SOPA or something else and takes your Internet.

Homework: Watch the movie Moon.

Homework, read this statist hit piece on Ron Paul, liberty, the Free State Project, our movie Guns and Weed the Road To Freedom,  and other wonderful stuff.

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