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The Freedom Feens Trip the Independent Thought Alarm

independent thought

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi poke the powers that be, from The President to the police. They discuss political prisoner good guy Adam Kokesh, Sheldon Cooper’s accent, the DBC Principle (“Don’t Be Cantwellian“), Stacy Litz, the proposed Peacekeeper Smartphone App Empowers The Community To Police Itself, the movie “Hot Coffee”, tort reform, forced arbitration, Abu Ghraib Torture Victims Ordered To Pay U.S. Contractor’s Legal Fees, government Cost-Plus contracts, Gary North’s wisdom on economics, and Breaking Bad‘s ending (at the end of this episode, with spoiler alerts).

The Feens also coin a new glossary term, Cantwellian: “An obsessive need to see your name in print, or hear it spoken, regardless of the context.”

Adam Kokesh opens his jail-cast this week with “Hello my fellow liberty lovers and Freedom Feens”: http://youtu.be/6SuEZq7WGSY

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Easter Podcat (LRN radio archive)

Easter Podcat

Neema is either stealing time from the feens, or he is kidnapped by the Easter Bunny, so DJ fills in. She and Michael listen to callers have some podbeef – Michael and DJ and many listeners are still not sure what it was even about….Though Michael is so mellow he can’t get angry at anything, for once. Then they take a call from Ben Stone about anarchist law (how law would work in the absence of the State), and the difference between the State and the Government. Lou calls in to talk about what a nice day it is. Other fun topics include the films Kumaré and Side By Side; and also worms, fish and hawgs.

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Feen Drone, Feen Drone


The Feens tell you how not to be a fear monger and rumor spreader when it comes to tyranny media, they talk about audio gear, and have an amazing sound. They imitate a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson, then actually take a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson. Michael wonders if Paul Anderson is a sociopath, and Paul Anderson wonders if Stefan Molyneux is a sociopath. The Feens also review the punk rock movie Suburbia and the great documentary on YouTube called Broadcasting’s Forgotten Father, the Charles Herrold Story, which is about the first-ever talk radio host in 1911.


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The Tax Man vs. the Pain Monster


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the Futurama idea that “The tax man is like a visit to the pain monster”, they take a call from Ben Stone the Bad Quaker about the childish POD BEEF that Paul Anderson is trying to start with his hilarious anti-Bad Quaker site called “Bad Libertarian“, unions and entitlement attitudes turning Detroit into Somalia, Faraday cages, and Bean Weevil penises.

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The Chair is Against the Wall. The Chair is Against the Wall. (LRN Radio archive)

Chair Against Wall

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi host The Freedom Feens on Radio Free ‘Merica on LRN and discuss Obama’s disarming of US Marines, freedom fiends, freedom feinds, and then talk with awesome activist Derrick J. about his “Victimless Crime Spree” DVD (buy here), liberty ascots, good-news liberty site Peace News Now, and the real deal on his pay beef with Adam Kokesh.


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Lawmakers Are Law Breakers


Michael Dean and Neema Vedadi explain how gun control is legal insurrection by nanny goons, they talk about Brother Nathanael, Israel-friendly US gun grabbers, the nanny-org Stop Concealed Carry, the horror of firearms owners compared to Nazis, cats are pocket pumas, the majesty of Michael’s Euro tour pix, Michael’s state-o COMREX Access CODEC COMPLAINT, SLC punk, not a good movie, video of Boston at Porcfest (great content, and good audio, but the porcs should put a mic condom on those SM58 mics to minimize plosive sounds, i.e. popping), and Utah sheriffs warn Obama of deadly war over guns.


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The Longer Pot’s Illegal, The More Anarchists There Will Be

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi get high on TCP-IP and spread the wonder of the Feens, live. They talk about the Olympics and why anarchists are irked by it, Adam Vs. The Man and Adam Kokesh’s dumb wrong ideas about kink, why cops push to have you prosecuted even when they KNOW they’re wrong, fishing and liberty, the joys of Eddie Free, Ben Quaker and why liberty probably will NOT happen in our lifetimes, Obama’s anti-gun statement about “only soldiers should have AK-47s, having fun with your family, how square government-produced videos are, and CATS!


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The Streisand Effect and Naked Activism with mDub and gFox

Michael W. Dean (mDub) and gFox (Garrett Fox from The Disindoctrination Podcast) chat about stuff and take calls from folks like Dave and Ben Quaker. gFox is filling in for Neema, who should be out of the FEMA camp and back in a few days. They discuss Montel Williams (guns and weed fan and statist). They talk about The Streisand Effect, Johnny Cash’s “Man in Black” song, they (reluctantly) talk about Marc Stevens and Michael’s open letter to him and Marc’s reply, they discuss activism that involves getting arrested, and laugh at Michelle Obama Cites Jesus as Model for Citizenship.

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