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catnip - not even once

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi call for a media war on the war on drugs, they discuss, “Why are Globalist Think-Tank Documents Public?”, Active duty cop quotes Guns and Weed movie and says “The war on drugs is a war on people“, lamestream press sez: MEAN OLD MAN MURDERS PLAYFUL LITTLE BOY when they should say “Old man practices legitimate self-defense when attacked by three thugs”, Freddie Mercury is Parsi not Arabic, fragging, ParrotPhrasing, Mitt Romney protested FOR the draft when he was 19, open letter to a public school teacher, Steal This Book, shall-issue CCW map and armed citizen reports.

HOMEWORK: Read Wiki article on NeoCons.

Turn your cash into liberty!


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about why compulsory education sucks, why Michael got kicked out of two schools despite (or perhaps BECAUSE of) being smarter than the other students, how square forced school is, how it’s obsolete, and what could take its place. They discuss the Cooper Color Codes and applying them to emotional self-defense, the joys of the TV shows “30 Rock” and “Archer”, The Czech Hedgehog, comparing Egyptian forced virginity checks to TSA pat downs, drugs and liberty, why American men don’t sit down to pee like European men, the joys of Rapture looting, and the Adam Kokesh dance off.

(Very cool cartoon image by Kathryn Durst. Used with permission.)

Turn your cash into liberty!