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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss the joys of Ancapistan, Freedom Feens plays in Peoria AND in Riyadh, songs from Guns and Weed now free, Kim Jong-Il the world’s worst living dictator dying and his followers weeping in the streets in sadness about the passing of their Dear Leader, GOP worried Ron Paul could win in Iowa, why Feens should add the Alexa toolbar, the joys of our new VPS server, the Freedom Feens Shop Amazon link, post-podum depression, Michael gets a SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE and has a semi-spiritual experience about how The Church Farm School Sucks, the cool dudes from Cop Block hand out Cop Block literature near a high school, DC Police claim knowing one’s rights is justification for search warrant and raid, an update on  Martin Niemöller’s “First They Came….”, 7 bizarre robots in the Pentagon’s defense budget, a good survival book from the 70s – Possum Living, and a homework assignment for Feens to watch Brave New World or the other Brave New World.

Turn your cash into liberty!



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about why compulsory education sucks, why Michael got kicked out of two schools despite (or perhaps BECAUSE of) being smarter than the other students, how square forced school is, how it’s obsolete, and what could take its place. They discuss the Cooper Color Codes and applying them to emotional self-defense, the joys of the TV shows “30 Rock” and “Archer”, The Czech Hedgehog, comparing Egyptian forced virginity checks to TSA pat downs, drugs and liberty, why American men don’t sit down to pee like European men, the joys of Rapture looting, and the Adam Kokesh dance off.

(Very cool cartoon image by Kathryn Durst. Used with permission.)

Turn your cash into liberty!

Freedom of Ingestion – Dueling

A between-episode-treat – two short hip-hop punk songs written and performed by Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi from the movie “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.” Available for sale on Amazon but released free to our wonderful subscribers to show our appreciation.


Words and Music Copyright 2010 Neema V. and Right Arm of Wyoming (Michael W. Dean)

Hello freedom fiends!
It’s your boy, Neem
from the US, get the US
out my bloodstream!

I own me and that
includes endorphins.
No, I won’t ask permission
and I won’t say please!

Freedom fans, one fact
that I gotta make clear is:
If you ain’t about your heater
than you’re nothing but a THEORIST!

You can read and type,
but when the jackers coming
I know you’ll lose the fight
on your ass with your thumb in!

Senatorial page: Good morning Senator! Here’s your coffee!
Senator: Thanks, I’ll need it. I have so many laws
to write before November.
Senatorial page: I’m so excited!
Senator: You should be. A slim majority lets me tell EVERYONE
what to do.

Freedom of ingestion!
It’s more than a suggestion!
And though it ain’t a question
but those hos just keep oppressing.
And so we teaching lessons
for those with chiefin sessions
and those with Smith & Wessons

DUELING (Don’t Try This at Home!)
Words and Music Copyright 2010 Neema V. and Right Arm of Wyoming (Michael W. Dean)

Regulations are some fake laws
Stealin’ and killin’ are the real crimes
But flippin’ dimes will get you real time.
It’s a pity that the they skew the difference.

Schools ain’t cures,
for sure
they always work against us!

I’m cool with you dueling
much more cool than
public schooling.
To duel is voluntary,
school’s a part-time prison.
Unlike a duel,
school is not your decision


You know what else isn’t?

Turn your cash into liberty!