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There’s Nothing To Fear But Government Itself – Freedom Feens Live Radio Archive

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MWD tests out his new solar-powered satellite Internet connection from near Yellowstone. It rocks. Neema and MWD have two guests today: First hour is Alex Fidel of Free Thought Radio. Alex tells us how the government is trying to stomp out free speech even faster than usual, and then Alex talks about Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films. Second hour is Ben Stone of the Bad Quaker podcast. Topics include: Internet to replace government by 2020, printable drugs and pharmaceuticals, how e-vapes are helping Michael evolve, and the horror of a guy setting himself on fire on the DC Capital Mall.

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Turn your cash into liberty!


Wussap, my Rothschild! SPEND THANKSGIVING WITH THE FEENS! Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi record an extra-great extra-long episode for you to listen to on your Thanksgiving travel, or alone on turkey day (with Michael on-call for you for emotional support!) We see the “GUNS AND WEED: THE ROAD TO FREEDOM” DVD on sale, discuss Switzerland legalizing having four marijuana plants (but not five), the Four boxes of liberty, how all governments hide the gun to your head with “soft violence”, and how a man caught a 881-pound tuna that was then seized by feds. We hear about the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide, The Gulag Archipelago, West Hollywood endorses first fur ban in United States, Macy’s fined for hoodies, Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands, The Rolling Scabs song “My Mom Smokes Pot”, a cool Bill of Rights music video, and the connection between Agorism and Dungeons & Dragons. Then they discuss The TOR Anonymity Network, BitCoin, Silk Road, Wikileaks, PGP and other Crypto-Anarchism, how some people use digital encryption for Agorism and to route around nanny laws. Michael tells a Thanksgiving horror story then, talks ill of the dead, and praises HEARTS OF DARKNESS: A FILMMAKER’S APOCALYPSE.

Silk Road screen shot (for journalistic use only):



Turn your cash into liberty!


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how there’s nothing violent about owning a gun, why you should never talk to the police, how the police in the UK are protecting criminals (coming soon to a stateside location near you!), mandatory drug testing for kids and welfare recipients, why their movie “Guns and Weed: the Road to Freedom” is no longer on YouTube, how funny Congressman Weiner is and why he ain’t probably steppin’ down, Christian Sharians calling Michael and Neema “un-American”, “dangerous” and comparing them to 60s radicals like SDS and Bill Ayers, Adam Kokesh’s dance-a-thon and how some are calling for his head in a Republican fatwa, how the Tea Party got co-opted by warmongering statists, how some cops threaten you for filming them, the non-drug possibilities of the “drugs online” TOR system “Silk Road“, Facebook data mining by the feds, and the PorcFest commercial that Michael and his wife made.

Turn your cash into liberty!