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‘Murica. Mercantilism. ‘Muricatilsm



Possibly our best sounding episode ever. Michael and Neema discuss the difference between capitalism (good) and corporatism / Mercantilism (bad.) They talk about how wonderful marriage is, the odd FedGoon site that is invite-only that apparently has something secret about our movie on it, they discuss NY Republican gun-grabbing IRA-supporting DHS-subcommittee leader Peter King, the provisional IRA, the Old IRA, Irish independence, St. Patrick’s Day, the movies The Wind That Shakes the Barley, and Bloody Sunday and In The Name of the Father, “Stranglehold” trivia: Ted Nugent, examples of Bolero’s in rock music, snopes.com debunking the idea that the FedGov is certainly buying 3000 armored tanks to kill you, alternative meanings of the phrase “free stater.

Check out what Michael used on this episode (for the first time! New creamy gear!) 6-Minute Audio Examples and Review of Presonus Studio Channel Tube-Pre Amp / Compressor / Parametric EQ unit

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