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Cop Lickers – Freedom Feens radio



Michael W. Dean, James Babb and Jim Jesus talk about Weed falling from the sky, Cops shooting Cops, and Libertarian Welfare Queens #pleasedonate. They also discuss an awesome, fully automated “Plug N’ Plant” grow box called Leaf! James Babb talks about the “Popocalypse” in Philly, and Bob Brady stealing the Pope’s drinking glass, recent press release from NASA and Jim Jesus has some advice for Neil deGrasse Tyson  and people who are experts in things that are wrong, “Just talk about space and SHUT UP!”

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Freedom of Ingestion – Dueling

A between-episode-treat – two short hip-hop punk songs written and performed by Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi from the movie “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.” Available for sale on Amazon but released free to our wonderful subscribers to show our appreciation.


Words and Music Copyright 2010 Neema V. and Right Arm of Wyoming (Michael W. Dean)

Hello freedom fiends!
It’s your boy, Neem
from the US, get the US
out my bloodstream!

I own me and that
includes endorphins.
No, I won’t ask permission
and I won’t say please!

Freedom fans, one fact
that I gotta make clear is:
If you ain’t about your heater
than you’re nothing but a THEORIST!

You can read and type,
but when the jackers coming
I know you’ll lose the fight
on your ass with your thumb in!

Senatorial page: Good morning Senator! Here’s your coffee!
Senator: Thanks, I’ll need it. I have so many laws
to write before November.
Senatorial page: I’m so excited!
Senator: You should be. A slim majority lets me tell EVERYONE
what to do.

Freedom of ingestion!
It’s more than a suggestion!
And though it ain’t a question
but those hos just keep oppressing.
And so we teaching lessons
for those with chiefin sessions
and those with Smith & Wessons

DUELING (Don’t Try This at Home!)
Words and Music Copyright 2010 Neema V. and Right Arm of Wyoming (Michael W. Dean)

Regulations are some fake laws
Stealin’ and killin’ are the real crimes
But flippin’ dimes will get you real time.
It’s a pity that the they skew the difference.

Schools ain’t cures,
for sure
they always work against us!

I’m cool with you dueling
much more cool than
public schooling.
To duel is voluntary,
school’s a part-time prison.
Unlike a duel,
school is not your decision


You know what else isn’t?

Turn your cash into liberty!