Stephan Kinsella’s Macho Libertarian Flash – live radio archive

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The Freedom Feens party with Stephan Kinsella for a couple hours. It’s like getting drunk after class with your cool professor. WORMS!

Stephan Kinsella is a rock star-level libertarian….he’s an American intellectual property lawyer and libertarian legal theorist. His legal works are published by Oxford University Press and Thomson Reuters. His work on libertarian and anarcho-capitalist theory is primarily published on his blog and by publications and websites associated with the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

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PERVERTS FOR GUN CONTROL – live radio archive

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Perverts for Gun Control - 2point1

The Freedom Feens talk about how the State is acting more and more like a dinosaur thrashing in the tar pits while going extinct. As examples they present: Anthony Wiener and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner NOT stepping down even though their parties, the public and the press demand that they do. Other examples include Chris Christie saying “Libertarians are bad, um’kay?” and the fact that the Democrats and Republicans are bi-partisan on only two things: spying on Americans and killing foreigners. The Feens also introduce the concept of proxy rape, done by governments.

Then Michael talks about his time in Pennsyltucky at The Church Farm School, which is now called The School at Church Farm.

The Feens also talk about how stuff governments do would be ignored in the Free Market (like gun “buybacks”), the very cool Pink Pistols, the wonderful show “Orange is the New Black” and how Netflix will replace mainstream TV and Hollywood (which is also a dinosaur thrashing in the tar pits while going extinct).

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Michael Dean Vs. Adam Vs. The Man

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Michael W. Dean doing 25 minutes on Adam Vs. The Man podcast “Jailhouse Rock” telethon, yacking with Liz, Darrell and Ed, July 23, 2013.

Fundraiser site for Adam’s legal defense.

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Obama thinks Race is Now Fluid Like Gender – live radio archive

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The Feens talk about how Obama kills more black kids than Hitler, how the UN logo is Fema mental hospital blue, skittling and DXM and Travon, What Bothered Me Most About the Zimmerman Trial, “may you live in interesting times” and “May you come to the attention of those in authority“, the very cool band LOAF who were from Bellingham WA, and just a whole bunch of general interest laughing at tyranny.

Check out Lou’s Free Detroit page.

Great pro-piggie video piece about Baker’s Green Acres.


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May We Live in Interesting Times, with LARKEN ROSE – Live radio archive

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The facets of Larken Rose are many, but always consistent and ethical in regards to everything. Ask him anything and he already knows the correct answer, even before you ask. This is true of any principled anarchist. But Larken says it all so very entertainingly, and that’s why the Feens love to yack with him.

This radio archive show episode is less an interview with Larken and more him being dubbed an honorary Feen for a day. This is a round table with Larken Rose, Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi telling you how the world works, how to find your place in it, and where we’re headed. You’ll laugh too hard to worry about tyranny, which is the Feen way and the Larken way.


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