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MWD, Dianna Keiler, and James Babb rock on about the upcoming event FeensFest Somalia. Along the way Dianna coins the term sleepnea, real anarchy is not like “The Purge”, and James calls Tennessee the “Jersey of the South”!

Eritrea, the other Somalia!

FBI Unable to Prove Existence of Planned “Halloween Revolt”

Police union calls for Tarantino boycott after anti-cop rally

FBI Director Blames Citizens with Cameras for Increase in Homicides

And Ademo Freeman goes to jail for chalking.



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3 Responses to Bitcoin-Sniffing Dogs – Freedom Feens Radio

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  2. Ben Stone says:

    Great show! Michael sounded so energetic and was so funny, he sounded like the old Michael.
    Also, James is correct. Tennessee is the “Jersey of the South”. We old RVers know that Tennessee freeways are cop feeding grounds. I warn people anytime I hear they are going through Tennessee. The cops will use any excuse to pull you over if you look like you may have something they want. Then they will have a dog “alert” on your car. Then they will strip everything until they find what they want, including money on cards. Then they take it.
    So be safe Dianna!

    Ben Stone

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