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Michael W. Dean, Dianna Keiler and Dan Greene discuss the documentary called “Best of Enemies“, about the televised debate series between William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal, social media etiquette and why everyone feels the need to constantly post their rants on it. Diana reads a letter from someone that purchased “D.I.Y. or Die : How to Survive as an Independent Artist” and how it helped him make money with his independent media, and a Brilliant response by Claire Wolfe to the NY Times editorial entitled “End the Gun Epidemic In America”. The Show wraps up with All Dan All the Time! Worms!

Michael Theorizes that 48% of ‘Murica wants to exterminate the other 48% of ‘Murica, and vice-versa, and then there’s the 4% that just want to be left alone… That’s us. We are the 4%.

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