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Steve Miller-Miller and Michael W. Dean discuss dozens upon dozens of comedians bomb hard at by being themselves onstage and then explain their serial bombing as “doing a character.”

Also discussed are the fallacies of 3-brain theory and of applying r-selection / k-selection theory to the left and the right.

So, CPAP machines record extensive stats to an SD card, but the reader software is proprietary and expensive. So some programmer with sleep apnea made open source software that reads them all:
Also, here’s an update on my health.
Mark Edge from Free Talk Live sez “bitch ass motherfucker…fuck you” on FCC airwaves:
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  1. Nathan says:

    What I like about r/K theory is that it bolsters the idea of the state crumbling, or at least decentralizing, because it implies a degree of inevitability. The Federal Reserve might be able to manipulate every economic variable forever, but that doesn’t do any good if the productive class is vanishing and being replaced by kids that fail on all the international math and science rankings. It’s basically saying that Idiocracy is where we’re headed, but we won’t actually get there because the system will collapse under its own weight before then.

    Whether the US is still a place you’d want to live in afterward is still an open question in my mind.

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