Opening a can of worms with the Freedom Feens



James Babb and Randy England drop mad scientists. Topics include:

And why Darryl W. Perry is the best man for the job.
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2 Responses to Opening a can of worms with the Freedom Feens

  1. Jon says:

    It may be worth noting that the term “Cyber” meant “government” long before anyone started applying it to technology. The science fiction story which introduced cyborgs called them that because these half-man half-machine creatures were in his story made by the government in order to serve as its agents.

  2. Nathan says:

    Fun conversation and great to hear Jim Babb is safe out of Mordor on the potomac. I could feel the anticipation as he was analyzing McAfee and decided he wanted to like him. Worms!

    The end of the first hour was also very good. A lot of people in Randy’s position would be glad the murderer got punished and the taxpayers got taxed and think that’s justice. In a case like you described there really is no good outcome.

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