Happy New Years from the Freedom Feens!



Lousander Feen, Lisa DeLasho and Jeremy Henggeler party with you and rock in the new years by yaking into your FeenBone’s FeenHole!

“America is a 2-party system: Evil and Stupid. And most Americans are clamoring for bipartisanship.” –Lou Feen on the Freedom Feens.

These rowdy kids discuss Mark Baker throwing in the towel and the American fascination with Soviet Commissars to boss them around. They also talk about attack owl returns in Oregon, targeting government workers, how people will need to passports to travel within the USSA and how there is no war on cops.

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2 Responses to Happy New Years from the Freedom Feens!

  1. The other other dark meat says:

    F!ck Canwell, who cares what he said?

  2. Nathan says:

    Mark Baker leaving the farm feels like some kind of watershed. It’s sad he can’t make a living without interference from the stasi.

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