Button idea: Ask Me About My Fungus – Freedom Feens radio



Lousander Feen, Dianna Keiler and Michael W. Dean discuss:

MWD wrote: Awesome recording pulse oximeter watch – product review and tutorial of CMS 50F.

Donate to the “Feen the Homeless” project, so we can buy dozens of these $3.86 radios to epoxy to the Feens frequency and give to bums in Philly.

Donate here, PayPal make sure to tell us it’s for the “Feen the Homeless” drive.  or BTC, 1D7Srbq8nB1U7H6phKuS2KVaNJb3oQAMAU

If you’re not listening 2 Freedom Feens 24/7, you’ll catch statism! PC & Mac link: http://goo.gl/GgtQYU
The Freedom Feens is covered by a BipCot No-Government License This allows re-use by anyone except governments. Learn more at bipcot.org
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3 Responses to Button idea: Ask Me About My Fungus – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Go Ask Alice says:

    shawartz bagels on forbes ave. in pittsburgh.
    just sayin’

  2. Dianna says:

    SQUIRM: Social Quanta Undermining Implied Racist Musings. Deep huh?

  3. Kazman says:


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