NEW better BipCot NoGov radio ad for your podcast or radio show



30-second radio and podcast ad for BipCot NoGov license:

This ad is covered by the BipCot NoGov media license. Feel free to use as you please, unless you work for a government. But we’d love a comment and link to you below if you do use them. Thank you!

WAV file if you’d prefer that to the MP3.

Text of ad if you’d prefer to voice a live read:

Are you sick of government lackeys who say “you didn’t build that?”

Are you tired of elitists who think you need a government permission slip for EVERYTHING?

Everything you do is an A-to-B conversation and the government should SEE their way out of it.

Create true free markets by adopting the BipCot No-Government license.

The BipCot NoGov license allows any use or modification of any product, service or software EXCEPT by governments or government agents.

Go to BIPCOT.ORG that’s
dot org.

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