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Hugo González (The Jet Cockatoo), M.K. Lords (the Wolfram Panther) and Angela Keaton (The Flaming FeenBone, sometimes a.k.a. Heather Moorland) yak over FeenPhone and drop mad scientists about everything…..Including MK “defending the indefensible” (in MWD’s opinion) i.e. the entitled and likely sociopathic SJW woman who attacked the Uber driver recently.

In this episode, Freedom Feens Angela Keaton, M.K. Lords and Hugo Gonzalez start on a sexy note, commenting on a new book about a bellboy and certain billionaire’s love affair. The discussion moves on to prostitution and its own Silk Road with its own government goons.
Next, they comment on the case of a Florida woman hitting an Uber driver and how the Internet turns every incident into a prison yard fight. How could these conflicts be resolved in LibPar? We all want to punch people sometimes, but the Feens follow the NAP and punch with their words.
How do anarchists enjoy movies? Find out in this episode with references to movies: Room, The Room, Panic Room and The Big Short. Finally, M.K. Lords makes water out of thin air with her new bottle.


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2 Responses to Punch with your words, not with your fists – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Suz says:

    Angela – love “The Desiccated Donald.” That’s a winning headline. 😉

  2. Nathan says:

    I knew a girl named Anjali once and she seemed nice. But all is thrown into doubt. Fortunately we weren’t living in florida at the time.

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