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DerrickJCultDerrick J Freeman (the Warrant Canary), M.K. Lords (the Wolfram Panther), James Babb (The Misanthropic Mongoose), and Michael W. Dean (The Iron Hamster) celebrate the triumphant return of Derrick J. to the Feens! They talk about milk coming in a bag in the People’s Republic of Ur-A-Gay, as well as the lack of peanut butter and agorist Indian food opportunities in Ur-A-Gay.

Also don’t register your cats, because then the government will know who has cats! Derrick j leaves his controlling, possessive, jealous real-estate cult for boring gay dance clubs in South America. Plus the Oregon shooting is discussed with grainy, blurry video released by the feds, and how lame musicians are that support politicians.

Venezuela is having it rough

$755 condoms in Venezuela

Checkpoint trial

Man jailed for unregistered cats

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3 Responses to Deprogram Yourself! – Freedom Feens Radio

  1. Sean DuVally says:

    It was so Awesome to hear Derrick J back on the Feens. Welcome Back

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