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Lousander Feen, Lisa DeLasho, James Babb, Nick Hazelton and Michael W. Dean talk about getting kicked off radio stations because boobies, Bernie Sanders’ & Trumps’ latest plans to destroy America, French-Canadian bilingual silliness, and the government getting ready to maybe murder more people in Oregon. And the Feens get audio droned for talking smack about the gub’mint!

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3 Responses to Boobies on the radio! – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Jon says:

    Ron Paul actually has mentioned in an interview that his parents never spanked him and he never spanked his children either. He prefers trying to reason with children rather than resorting to force to compel them to respect his authority.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      I believe it. But I’d love to issue him a libertarian indulgence so he can do some non-peaceful parenting on Rand. lol.


      • Yeah he needs to beat the sillyness out of that little spitfire! Like target line soon does not apply in this situation, not sure the beating would solve anything, but if happily pay to witness it nonetheless.

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