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Foreigners Hugo González and Derrick J Freeman are coming for your radio jerbs! And they’re bringing LibPar (libertarian paradise) with them!

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In this episode, Freedom Feens Hugo and Derrick J. fill your earhole from Mexico and Uruguay, respectively. Can the g-word be said on radio? It isn’t demeaning in Latin America, unless you put it together with some slur word, like “you socialist, liar whose-feet-stink gringo”.

There is a need for more capitalism along with less government so we can be both free AND comfortable. Compare Uruguay with Mexico with the U.S.

Montevideo means “I see the mountain”, so Hugo and Derrick try to see LibPar from here. A long speculation about the future follows, along with peaceful parenting and children as entrepreneurs, and how the State tries to kill the businessman in children before it’s too late and they become free.

Hosts talked over the miles with a sub-par product, Skype, but they will be getting FeenPhone soon.

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  1. Jon says:

    Montevideo is not “I see the mountain” in Latin. For the mountain to be the direct object it would need to be in the accusative case: “Montem video.” “Monte” is strictly the ablative case form in Latin, although it became the nominative (or undeclined) form in many Romance languages. “Monte video” could mean “I see from the mountain” or “I see on a mountain.”

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