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Michael W. Dean, Jim Jesus and Jeremy Henggeler Yak about the Freedom Feens Android app, Download it HERE, They also discuss the fact that Chris Cuckwell is awful when it comes to gun handling, and is a danger to anyone near him while he’s handling one, including himself. Christopher Narkwell on his podcast “Government Cheese” bragging about calling the cops on some guy for trying to sell food stamps. More movie critiques with Jeremy and Jim, in Wyoming they teach gun safety in elementary school, LoLberts ghost tours are coming to a city near you! Tin foil hatters say that Obama had  Antonin Scalia killed, and who is going to replace him. Gun grabbing politicians are an epidemic, Jeremy talks about gun control in NYC, and Jim talks about the libertarian life in Nevada. Worms!

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  1. Nathan says:

    Thanks for bringing up the Amish. I like to mention the fact they don’t pay any fed income taxes, but somehow nobody wants to step up and ride a horse and buggy first. Maybe I should bring up Las Vegas as well – horses and hookers, the (dirt) road to freedom?

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