Drug Treatment and The State, part 1


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi give their first part in a two-part series on how drug and alcohol treatment has always been inexorably linked with The Prison-Recovery Complex, and how it doesn’t have to be. (Part 2 is here.)

They also talk about Ron Paul’s hip views on the book 1984, Republicans about to become an-caps, the quiz “Libertarian or Rapper”, a Breaking Bad plot prediction, cops making pro-SWAT propaganda, ANARCHY BURGER, HOLD THE GOVERNMENT, and much much more.

Michael’s article on CopBlock, Why I HAD to make the film “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom”

Garrett Fox’s interview with Neema Vedadi on The Disindoctrination Podcast.

31st American Film Festival of Deauville – “Hubert Selby Jr: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow” premiere, Photocall photos of Michael W. Dean

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10 Responses to Drug Treatment and The State, part 1

  1. Re Breaking Bad, I don’t think Mike’s still alive. But I do think Walt’s gonna die. OR will they make the whole thing a dream he had while in chemotherapy? (Like they did on “Dallas”) AND will Walt ever confess to Jesse that he let the love of his life die, and just stood there watching? Loose ends. I predict that if they don’t go with the “it was a dream” story, then when Walt dies, Jesse will put on the hat and become Heisenberg.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      I don’t see the makers of that show doing any of that stuff. It’s soap opera b.s, and BB is known and loved for being such a non-soap opera, reality-based story line show.

      It’s going to be as hard to end as The Sopranos was. And I still am not happy with the end of the Sopranos (it was sort of a soap opera ending combined with looking like the camera just ran out of tape), though it could have been worse.


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  3. Hesperus. says:

    I also forgot to mention, not all native American tribes were unfamiliar with alcohol. In mesoamerica they had a corn beer called Chiche. Not very good, but very alcoholic.

    I mentioned it at a powwow in eastern Oregon and the native fellow I was talking to gave me a distinctive. “How the hell did you know that!?!” glance and commented. “Yes, we did have that sort of thing before the white man came, tasted terrible but it would get you drunk.”

    In my opinion Alcoholism among native peoples all over the globe is a result of the destruction of their communities more than anything else. And one certainly should analyise this beyond the crimes of white people, alcohol sales and smallpox blankets. Not too many people know that the thing that most likely destroyed native civilizations in the southeast was probably the introduction of pigs.

  4. Paul Bonneau says:

    Wow, Bill Sizemore got in your libertarian/rapper test? I remember Sizemore. They got after him because he was getting so many initiatives passed in Oregon. Mostly the govt unions were after him. However he is a conservative, not a libertarian.

    About constitution humpers, this might be of interest:

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    True about TV and the FCC.

    I think it’s going to end with Walt walking away from a pile of corpses while smiling and putting on his pork pie hat.


  6. Hesperus. says:

    Ah, breaking bad, I suppose it’s a sign that the media has gotten better over the years, still sux though. But a show like that wouldn’t have been allowed by the FCC for even one episode 20 years ago.

    At least that’s my opinion, feel free to prove me wrong.

    However that show ends it must end with a pile of corpses.

  7. Michigan Escapee says:

    Wow, I was supposed to do therapy/rehab to quit drugs ? I just figured once the kidney stones were out I didn’t need any more delicious wonderful lyrica refills. 😀

    Should I maybe go mug an old lady to score some more of it ? Wouldn’t want to
    disappoint anyone who has bought into the standard addiction model of things. 😉

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