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1743630_1772824269608234_666831603612885603_nMichael W. Dean, Randy England and Jeremy Henggeler discuss the flag code and all its absurdity, we learn a little family secret about Jeremy that will blow your mind!  Randy tells some anecdotes from his life as an attorney, and they discuss the triumphant return of “Better Call Saul”  SPOILER ALERT!

Also: the Documentary called “Pump” and subsidies are discussed, As well as Eric Peters’ love of the Feens’ definition of a “Statheist“.

Libertarian Car forum, Eric Peters :

NEVER call the police!:

LAPD steals man’s guns

FitBit data undermines woman’s rape claim

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  1. Sean DuVally says:

    Because the US govt is so corrupt, and because the US Flag is seen as a representation of the govt, it was always my argument that burning the US Flag is dignified because it is no longer fit to display.

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