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FURRIESLousander Feen (The Titanium Meerkat / The Chop Shop Rooster / The Leashless Labrador) talks about a stranger doing things to his butt. For science. Nick Hazelton (The Hazy Yak / Dear Sweet Yak Emperor) talks about yaks. And much much more from both.

#LOUcolon #‎DearSweetYakEmperor‬ ‪#‎LouFeenColon‬

Also: Lou and Nick discussed the idiocy of college campuses and how Marxists are really just children that never developed mentally. The Soviet Policy Lie Center lists pro-government groups as anti-government and how the movie Idiocracy became a documentary. Nick is given the homework assignment of seeing the movie Idiocracy and questioning liberal foodies about how they feel about all the government restrictions on their foodyism.

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The Radio WHOOSH is Dead (Or at Least It Should Be)”, by MWD.

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