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James Babb, Michael W. Dean, Lousander Feen, and Lisa DeLasho yak about political turduckens, Austin Plagiarsen, and auctioning off Nick Hazelton at Porcfest to raise money for AntiWar.com. Todd Phillips DVD extras involve punk rocker GG Allin, Bush begs his audience to clap, and the US is fighting a proxy war with itself.

In the second hour Jim drops mad science about law enforcement against the war drug war, and Joe Biden unironically condemns coercion and harassment. Lou ponders donating to Trump just to keep the show going, and something about unicorns.

A hundred years ago weapons were made for war, now wars are made for weapons.

The FBI wants all phones decrypted

Dear Trump Fans

Ben Stone’s antidote to Austin Petersen

Jeb Bush Bungles Several Questions even though he already Quit!

Still voting? If you MUST vote, then vote for Darryl W. Perry.

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4 Responses to Political Turducken – Freedom Feens Radio

  1. J M says:

    I believe it was AFTER the show ended and it was the behind the scenes chatter, but still…. haha

  2. J M says:

    Per Ted Cruz: Cody Wilson , on Ernie’s show last week, he called Cruz a great constitutionalist. Talked about how Cruz’s people reached out to him when the Feds shut him down . Then he said something that if angels could install him as president it would be about as good as we could get under the current system and he is closest thing to the framers in a generation. Kid you not. Couldn’t believe my ears

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