Today is “Bring your kid to G.G. Allin’s Grave Day” – Freedom Feens Radio



Dianna Keiler and Jeremy Henggeler talk about their personal battles with smoking and switching to vaping, Trump is so absurd it’s entertaining but his supporters are downright frightening , “Seeds of liberty” hosts ask Trump supporters questions at a rally, they discuss the “The Big Bang Theory” and TV shows are for entertainment and not to be taken too serious. Michael W. Dean joins for the second hour and they talk about G.G. Alan, his headstone being stolen, and Jeremy tells us about a “Patriot” who threatened Jeremy on Facebeef!

David Duke - Trump memeGG

GG Allin’s Last Day Alive

Hated : GG Allin and The Murder Junkies By Todd Phillips

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  1. Nathan says:

    I get that too sometimes, I’ll be reading or listening and a typo will stand out as really funny for some reason.

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