And All Drugs Would Cost 8 Cents a Dose


Drug Treatment and The State, part 2 of 2. (Part one is here.) Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss how much drugs would cost without government intervention. They talk about past and present state-involved or state-parallel “re-education” programs for people with drug problems and other issues, organizations such as Synanon, EST (Erhard Seminars Training), Impact Training, AA, DARE, Drug-Free America Foundation, Delancy Street, and boot camps for kids (children’s gulags). We also hear the Feens talk about Attack Therapy in general, Nancy Reagan, Betty Ford, and more on the history of drug treatment and the State.

They also explain the UK’s 1920 socialist-mandated crappy Quota Pictures, the documentary Objectified, the statism of Apple and iPhones, Feen fans in Myanmar and China, and A cry to nationalize Facebook,

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  1. Hesperus. says:

    What! How dare you! That documentary about helvetica is the most boring thing I have ever seen and my friends who saw it agreed with me and they were not gun people!

    Yeah I heard the part about my chain being yanked, but I will probably call in on Sunday with a movie review as I just saw the movie 2016.

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