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SLab City, bay-bee!

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Lousander Feen, James Babb and Randy England wampus you baby, all night long. They discuss how black markets and the underground economy are growing faster than the government-infested economy. Slab City: the last free place in the USSA, and how a conservative calls out other conservatives for cop worshiping… and still gets it wrong.

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4 Responses to Black Markets Matter – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Instead of confusing the free market with the black market, maybe you should use the phrase “the untaxed open market.”

  2. Prof CJ says:

    I also really enjoyed this episode.

    Black markets don’t get enough credit & respect most of the time. But some of the less-horrible ‘Founding Fathers’ were black marketeers, like John Hancock, one of the few of the well-known ones who was neither a lawyer nor a slave owner.

    In the future, I’m planning on doing a Dangerous History Podcast series on the history of entrepreneurship in America, and I’m definitely going to have some black market history in it.

  3. Ben Stone says:

    Great show guys! I loved it.
    Randy; I recognized every old-time band you mentioned and I know their songs. Don’t let these young whippersnappers make you feel old.
    Slab City; Lots of RV folks I know have been there. There are several versions here and there scattered around. One in Texas is called Toontown. It’s got some advantages like being on private property and some utilities and stuff.
    Fun show!

    Ben Stone

  4. Rick says:

    Excellent show. Bummer no time for Better Call Saul talk from the Feens house attorney.

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