5 years of Freedom Feens!


5Year_1Founding Feens Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi are joined on the show’s 5-year anniversary by Feens Randy England, Hugo Gonz├ílez, Dianna Keiler, Lousander Feen, DJ Dean and Jeremy Henggeler. Also, Chandler St. Pierre, Nick Hazelton and Steve Miller-Miller “phone it in.” Though Miller Squared is buffering hard on a megadose of Kenny G (a new bad-trip designer drug in Philly known as “The Kensington Grind”) and can’t remember what day it is or what we’re celebrating.

Please donate to the MWD and DJ Feens Fridge Fund here.

Topics include: MWD’s health issues, muggings on Mt. Everest, why Gary Johnson can climb the highest mountain in the world but the Non-Aggression Principle is just out of his reach.

Cat meme image by Chandler.



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1 Response to 5 years of Freedom Feens!

  1. Ben Stone says:

    GREAT show! Loved it!
    It made me miss talking to all of you.

    Side note: Antonio Buehler is a good guy and an ally. I know him personally and can vouch for him.
    Here’s his wiki:

    Keep rocking for much more than 5 more years!
    Ben Stone

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