All Prof CJ and AnYak liners for radio from Freedom Feens hosts


Yak_Drawing_historicSo, starting soon the Freedom Feens will be playing specially edited and formatted classic episodes of Feens host Nick Hazelton’s
Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast and Feens fellow traveler Professor CJ’s Dangerous History Podcast on the radio on the weekend.

They’re both great shows and deserve to get actual airplay.  I’ve been doing this for some time with Ben Stone’s Bad Quaker podcast and it’s been quite popular on radio.

Since these episodes are already on the websites of their respective shows, and will not be posted here, the only way to hear them on radio will be, well, on radio. (List of our affiliates is HERE.)

A bunch of Feens (Me, Nick, Jeremy, James, Steve, Angela, Lou, and also Professor CJ) worked hard recording liners for these shows on radio, and I spent a goodly bit of time fluffing and folding them. So I wanted to share them with you. That’s what today’s six-minute MP3 is. Enjoy!


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