I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords – Freedom Feens radio episode 911


Putting the derp in underpaidLousander Feen (The Titanium Meerkat / The Chop Shop Rooster / The Leashless Labrador), Freedom Feens co-founder and showrunner Michael W. Dean a.k.a. BENEVOLENT DICTATOR FOR LIFE (The Iron Hamster, i.e. MWD), Dianna Keiler (The Laughing Kitty) and Nick Hazelton (The Hazy Yak / Dear Sweet Yak Emperor) yak about socialists and how silly they are, trying to take pee out of a pool with a spoon, yak murder, and much much more.

They discuses selling yaks into slavery to Buddhist monks and UC Davis trying to scrub the internet of the pepper spray incident. Based upon the number of search results that come up, it’s not working very well.

Then it’s all socialism… all the time. It turns out that young people love redistribution of wealth so long as they are not the ones getting looted. Unemployed people tend to support redistribution even when they were opposed to it while they were employed. The Fight for $15 crowd puts the derp in underpaid and is hastening the arrival of our robot overlords!

Steve made Bingo cards of MWD’s top topics on the Freedom Feens.

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1 Response to I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords – Freedom Feens radio episode 911

  1. Ian says:

    Lousander made a great point. Raising minimum wage to fifteen bucks sure makes all those other people working jobs for the same pay look like suckers. Now those employers are going to be under the gun to raise wages.

    The number of people not getting hired in the future is going to skyrocket and misery will abound. Thank you government. You have made a problem you created worse, again.

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