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HeftMichael W. Dean, Randy England, Lisa DeLasho, and Jeremy Henggeler yak about the EURion Constellation on world currencies, the Jackalope Freedom Festival (covered BipCot!), and theories about Better Call Saul abound.

Is Taxation Theft or is it Slavery? Lisa brings up a chance for torturers to be sued. And Russia Today tells us what Libertarianism is (they get it wrong). Also did Ted Cruz get a sex change? Cops quitGeneration Jones, Monkey with a machine gun, torture, more torture, and TruthVoice article about Cell411 links BipCot NoGov license.




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7 Responses to Taxation is Slavery – Freedom Feens radio

  1. BadSlave says:

    You should’ve found a full grown elephant to pose for that shot. No corner cutting!

    Re: cell411 and PD-less towns, google Ford Heights IL (near me) one of the nation’s poorest suburbs, which dissolved its police force and/or had them all indicted for gangbanging and other corruption. They are now policed by the county. I think there is a strong case for dissolving what remains of the village government there too. Maybe that’s a trend to promote?

  2. Ben Stone says:

    Great show! Lots of fun!

    I’m with Randy when it comes with Chuck. I knew Chuck was the bad guy. Just like Hank in BB. With Hank, I knew he had to die and I couldn’t wait. I was disappointed when the brothers failed. With Chuck, I don’t think the character can be redeemed. I think he will slip into crazy land and at some point Chuck is going to kill himself. And I agree, I think HHM will buy off Jimmy.
    BTW, I expect the show to get much darker next season. Both Mike and Jimmy are on a descending path.
    I think the note on the windshield was from one of Nacho’s guys.


    • MichaelWDean says:



      You don’t sound demented. You sound smart and coherent. And you posted this at night. Are you all better yet? The Feens want you back!


      • Ben Stone says:

        I’m kind of like Chuck. If I wrap enough space blankets around myself I can occasionally run out to the internet.


  3. says:

    Great site. Do you have a mailing address? I want to send you some stickers.

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