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Would not hit itTonight on the Feens, Jeremy Henggeler and Dianna Keiler yak about proper doggy transportation, addiction, Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand why cigarettes are legal and wants to futher tax them to pay for programs.. Overstock.com Farmers Market now allows their products to be purchased with Bitcoin! They also talk about growing up, “Boys will be Boys”, and forced childhood interactions. Cops in Oklahoma used asset forfeiture to steal $53,000 from a Christian rock band, an orphanage and a church!

Boy sells lemonade to help pay for his adoption

Michael W. Dean wanted to be on the show tonight, but unfortunately the BENEVOLENT DICTATOR FOR LIFE cracked another rib from coughing (different rib than last year) as well as dealing with an umbilical hernia (also from coughing). He’s now being seen by the best doctor in the state, and is hopeful for his future health.

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