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The view near MWD's hose of the emptiness just past Casper WY

^The view near MWD’s house of the emptiness just past Casper WY.

Michael Dean is out with a case of cracked ribs, so the show is ably rocked hard by Lousander Feen (The Titanium Meerkat / The Chop Shop Rooster / The Leashless Labrador), Lisa DeLasho (The Dear Sweet Duck Empress  / Ginger Snaps) and Nick Hazelton (The Hazy Yak / Dear Sweet Yak Emperor).


They talk about failures of socialism and the actual definition of capitalism: Bernie Sanders is a greedy capitalist pig, Venezuela is Socialismed so hard, it can’t even afford to print more money, Damn kids these days, and Free Markets actually help poor more than government.

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