Does MWD have Black lung from Bitcoin mining? – Freedom Feens radio



If you don’t love ‘murica and/or you are 1/64th black, MOVE TO FeenFest Somalia!

SO…..M.K. Lords (the Wolfram Panther), Steve Miller-Miller (Homo Sapiens Sumophages), Jim Jesus (The Misanthropic Mongoose) and Freedom Feens co-founder and showrunner Michael W. Dean a.k.a. BENEVOLENT DICTATOR FOR LIFE (The Iron Hamster, i.e. MWD) yak and buffer hard on Kenny G for liberty.

Tonight, a full squirm of worms with MWD, Jim Jesus, Steve Miller-Miller and M.K Lords! They yak about the new Trump coins and buffering on “Kenny G” with Steve Miller-Miller as he gives a “Feen the Homeless” update. MWD got blocked by Mike Bires, the cop that violated the BipCot license, let the public shaming begin! Feen Ebooks.

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