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GGSpankMichael W. Dean a.k.a. BENEVOLENT DICTATOR FOR LIFE (The Iron Hamster, i.e. MWD), Dianna Keiler (The Laughing Kitty) and Jeremy Henggeler (The Bellicose Bandicoot, aka, Jeremy Heisenburglar, a.k.a. Beastmaster) talk about someone calling into FTL stating he received one of the MP3 players from the “Feen the Homeless” program.  Michael tells a story about “Kitler” torturing a mouse for the better part of an hour! Trump has de facto secured the Republican nomination, and the libertarians that still care. Diana and Jeremy talk about Walter Block and Murray Rothbard. MWD gives an lesson on audio magic and  is harmed by contact with the unwashed masses. Diana and Jeremy  have a deep discussion about spanking children and the possible negative side effects.

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1 Response to You sir, are worse than Kitler! – Freedom Feens Radio

  1. Ian says:

    Whereas I do not agree in totality with the discussion regarding raising children on today’s show, I really appreciated this topic being discussed.

    People benefit from the range of topics discussed on the Feens, this is just another example of that. Thanks for keeping it real and tackling the wide range of human experience. My wife and I were discussing it right along with you.

    Liberty and freedom impact every facet of life, raising children and being a parent is a huge one and often over looked.

    Thanks again, Worms!

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