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Jim Jesus, Nick Hazelton, and Jeremy Henggeler yak about the costs of higher education, and the root causes of the problem (here’s a hint: it rhymes with ‘the Gate’).  MWD pops in to play “Ask a BipCot” and preview a new Jim Jesus/BipCot ad.  MWD teaches us the difference between ISDN standards and ISBN identifiers.

In the second hour, Jeremy brings up an Eric Peters article on Elon Musk, which paints the alleged “genius” as a high class welfare recipient.  They all discuss the benefits of shifting to cryptocurrencies, and Nick yearns to hock is yak meat for bitcoin at the farmers markets.  This just all leads discussing ways to evade the State altogether.


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  1. suze says:

    LOVE the ads! Hahaha… Thank you for being a feen – too hilarious 🙂

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