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Tonight, a Super Squirm of worms with Michael W. Dean, Lousander Feen, Dianna Keiler, Lisa DeLasho and Jeremy Henggeler ! Tonight is the three year anniversary of the Feens being on the radio, woot! The squirm theorizes about socialist time travelers and talk about their adopted pets and the names they came with. Dianna talks about her moral dilemma at a local gym that is funding a copraoch organization.

In hour two, Dianna talks about an Onion article she posted on Facebeef, Lisa shares an article entitled “Let’s Ban Hate Season“. Lou dissects the idea of permanence. Things get silly when Lisa endorses Cthulu for president and more fun ensues while reading “A Voter’s Guide To Where the Political Parties Stand on Everything from Abortion to Guns” !

Amy McLain hiking the Appalachian Trail to raise money for the American Black Cross, a 501(c)3 that Cody Wilson created to help American political prisoners like Ross Ulbricht

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