two new ads for Agorist Hosting

An unrelated photo of our new cat, BipCat.

An unrelated photo of our new cat, BipCat.

Derrick Slopey, of FeenPhone and MeowBit programming fame, has been hosting the Freedom Feens website for some time now. He’s very good at what he does and is now also offering commercial hosting for websites and Open Bazaar stores.

Today’s Feens “episode” is an MP3 of the two ads I made for him. The shorter one is running on Feens radio, the longer one on Feens podcasts. If you wanna grab them for your own podcast or radio show, below are WAV files.

They’re covered BipCot, so no permission is needed (as long as you don’t work for a government, in that case, you’re not allowed to even LISTEN to these!). But if you use them, please drop us an email or comment. We’d love to know.

30 second ad

54 second ad.

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