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Tonight on the Feens, Michael W. Dean, Lousander Feen and Lisa DeLasho talk about Concealed Online using Michael’s likeness in an advertisement without his permission, matching all donations up to $29,000, Concierge Medicine and the two Feens wheo are now taking Prednisone.  Derrick J Freeman joins for the second hour to yak about Killary Klinton and the rest of the tyrants running for supremacy over the continent, as well as alternative cancer treatment clinics in Tijuana, an in-depth discussion on the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” as well as the continuing saga of Lisa’s car emissions/registration.

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4 Responses to BipCot all the unauthorized uses of your image -Freedom Feens Radio

  1. J M says:

    To clarify on the VA gun permits…
    The stuff Lisa was referring to is I’m sure the reciprocity fiasco of earlier this year. Essentially the Governor issued an order declaring all out of state CCW permits null and void in VA except for a couple states, where as previously it recognized 30 or more. The pro gunners in the state legislator voted in committee to take away the Governors executive protection detail, (or something along those lines) and the Governor capitulated and restored the out of state permit reciprocity.

    VA is probably still one of the most pro gun states in the South, regardless of that fiasco. Im not a VA resident but I do travel through the state semi annually so the case perked my interest. Got to pay attention to what can and cannot put you in a cage.

  2. Art says:


    I found the song for one of your Freedom Feens ads just now – I wanted to look it up because you once said it reminded you of 70s cinema or TV music of that time.

    I recognized the beat in another song – from one of my favorite hip hop artists (MF Doom) and so just now I looked up
    the source for a little nostalgia :


  3. I have not listened to the episode yet but see you mentioned something about alternative cancer treatment centers in Tijuana. I just lost an aunt to cancer who attempted to go that route, those idiots for some reason thought it was a good idea to pull a tooth surgically she almost bled out and was flown to Loma Linda somewhere and died just a couple weeks later. Now the tooth pulling did not directly cause her early exit, but it shows how utterly unprepared and unknowledgeable they were to deal with even something as simple as pulling a tooth… My uncle is an O.B. and was the one who did the research on finding a place, so apparently the research that’s “available” can’t even be trusted… My fiancees best friends’ mother also tried alternative method about a decade prior only to come back to the states and be told in the time she had wasted in Mexico the cancer had become untreatable, and she died a few months later.

    This is merely biased reactionary anecdotal evidence, but I’d listen to someone who’s been through it before, than someone who has a stake in one side or the other financially.


    xX blast0id feensicle Xx

  4. Nathan says:

    This episode tempted me to get more speeding tickets and then fight them in court to up my libertarian street cred. Good luck on that Lisa.

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