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20160531_133947_resizedHugo González , Jeremy Henggeler, and Michael W. Dean talk about the origins of the word pussy, MWD lays down his disgust for trash talking and how it makes you sound like a cop at a BBQ, the guys discuss Glenn Beck being suspended from his radio show for talking about extraordinary measures to take out dictator Trump, the saga of a 90-year-old widow from Florida who is being extorted by her city is discussed, and MWD questions why bureaucrats aren’t reminded of the lives they’ve destroyed even after they retire. Hugo lets everyone know how Mexico’s constitution covers all their tubes, and a new (radio friendly) name is settled upon for the vile agents of the State: pusillanimous pencil-pushing pickle sniffers.

In the second hour, MWD and Hugo yak about the TV show House of Cards, MWD explains how he’d rather sit next to the mailman at a diner than a cop, how the State will rob  a man with cancer, a Polish metal band’s cover of Queen’s “Mustapha” is played, Jeremy rants about the extra level of “How dare you offend me!” on the high holy days of statism, and then MWD and Jeremy discuss a better way to talk to soldiers/veterans including the work of Jeremy’s friend, Dylan Robinson.

I Hate Your Politics – 

Patriotism and Government – Leo Tolstoy

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1 Response to Before You Call Me a Pussy… – Freedom Feens Radio Show

  1. Ian says:

    The military is making Anarchists every single day. For people like me that are mentally slow, we need to see it, feel it, and get to know statism in all its evil before seeing the hazards, dangers, and lies of government.

    When we do, the path towards anarchy has begun. It goes from Constitution celebrating ,to minarchist, and then finally full-fledged anarchy. This is what I have seen with many people I know.

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