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Grow a LibParSteve Miller-Miller, Jeremy Henggeler and Michael W. Dean discuss Steve’s trip to West Virginia to meet plump good ole boys, flags at country & western concerts, UK bans drugs That Don’t Even Exist Yet, MWD is an oxygenarian, 6-year-old calls 911 on dad for running red light, blockchain or it didn’t happen, Chief Sam Dotson’s FinkFink, Tatlr, uSnitch, FaceSnitch, SnitchMe (Covered by the CripCop YesGov license), 11 year old cop blocker saves the day and brings redemption in the third act!


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2 Responses to Grow a LibPar – Freedom Feens

  1. Melissa says:

    love the show title

  2. identity says:

    A snitch app for/from the STL police?
    That’s what you might call a killer app.

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