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LRN-Feens-2Michael W. DeanJim Jesus and Jeremy Henggeler discuss the “Conjoined Triangles of Success”,  “Jackfest“, then, Jeremy and MWD continue some friendly beef regarding bad audio. Porcfest has lost a lot of love on the Feens; Jim Jesus is not actually on a diet he just eats Scorpion pizza, wears his Bipstrong, and he still looses weight.

Also is the launch of the new libertarian BTC-based business, “Jim Jesus Bad Audio Arbitration.”

Bad-audio podcast from some people who used to be in the Freedom Feens If you want to help LRN.FM expand their satellite coverage get more info here! Help get the work out by subscribing to HeadTalker ! They talk about Voting for clear cut referendums don’t violate the NAP.  Shots fired ! People who refused to fight in the war were experimented on as an alternative for service

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