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Tonight Michael W. Dean, Dianna Keiler and Derrick J Freeman talk about Jackfest, sometimes beepers gotta beep, MWD has a brilliant idea worth millions, MWD hair removal, Judgement not withstanding verdict for Roman Polanski, and “Silicon Valley”.  Steve Miller-Miller joins the crew whilst buffering on Kenny G, Apple now has a “feature” that can turn off iPhones for “concert halls”! The hunt for GG Allin’s grave is discussed, Feens have a free pass for “too soon” jokes, #PLEASEDONATE ! Tony Stiles  is discussed and frankly DESTROYED, pending tangible evidence, of course. Derrick reads an article regarding NHExit, and Steve Miller-Miller BOMBS !

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  1. Al F says:

    This one had me howling for no specific reason.

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