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Michael W. DeanDianna Keiler and Jeremy Henggeler talk about a letter Chandler St. Pierre sent to MWD, old Feens and “Pod-Fading”, and they have a correction about a past statement regarding the Fondling Fathers. Pre-Internet Meme’s are discussed, MWD tells a story about a painting his ex-girlfriend did, Jim “Fungus Amongus” Jesus cross-fades onto the show and talks about his Anarchyball Facebeef over their bad audio. Diana tells an anecdote about when she went to a bar and gave a shout out to the Feens, Michael beams sound waves into Jim’s brain that launches him to Alpha Centauri, The Bad Trip Petting Company is going to be a thing, Colorado is trying to regulate the potency of recreational weed, Jeremy explains why he has an issue with intellectually dishonest people, “safe and sane” firework laws are discussed, reasons why voting is pointless!

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