Michael W. Dean 18-min interview on Radio Colmena (Buenos Aires)


ColmenaExcellent 18 minute radio interview MWD did today on an Argentina radio show. Very fun show, and MWD is translated live in real time into Spanish by one of the hosts.

Topic is mostly Michael’s 2001 movie “DIY or DIE: How to Survive as an Independent Artist.” (Watch free here on YouTube, in English, with Spanish Subtitles. Get Torrent of DVD .iso free here, film in English, plus has all subtitles: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.)

Other topics include (of course), black cats, Independent DIY art, punk rock, Hubert Selby, Fugazi, liberty, anarchy and the importance of good audio.

Done via Skype. Hand edited by MWD with SoundForge.

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