BipCotting the grave of Henry Deringer – Freedom Feens


13680578_1834272853463375_9184643303994018752_n2-HOUR BEHIND SCENES-SHOW RECORDING. MAY CONTAIN CUSSING. Encoded 96 k to cut down file size.

Michael W. Dean Steve Miller-Miller, Jim Jesus and Lisa DeLasho discuss Henry Deringer,, Hubert Selby Jr, (mouse guns, a .380 started WW1 – Assassination_of_Archduke_Franz_Ferdinand_of_Austria-  and a .32 ended WWII. and maybe deringer was final shot in US war of northern aggression.)

BipCotting the grave of Henry DeringerSteve Miller-Miller BipCotted the grave of the man who invented the gun that killed Abe Lincoln. (the gun that won the civil war. lol.)

philidelphia deringer. not two rs, that’s the generic like the spedo gun steve has and the yard  mouse gun I have.”Desecrate a grave site with your wacky pretend copyright symbol. Nice.”_______ who the heck is this square, _______? I have 3 mutual friends with him and they’re all you!!!! Anyway, I blocked him and he doesn’t know what the word “desecrate” means. Jeez.

(name redacted because our mutual friend is “working on him.”)

I used to go to (and played a bunch at) the 9:30 Club in DC. Old location on 9:30 F Street is the location where Lincoln was shot. Great emancipator? Naked.

Seward house. .22. bunny. dad. Seward never lived there. many rooms. one for each thing. spoiled me.

loud kids and handcuffs. f-ing day walkers. Jim and daywarkers. structured our life to avoid part of daylight. I should be grateful though, not like Lisa and Steve’s neighbors. 1965 review of Last Exit (have Lisa read on air)
Selby was one of the first to do this in mainstream literature.
“I just wanted to get out of there.”/ selby movie dual DVD Germany (requiem too.)union leader:Sinatra tie. bolo. Jerry Orbach, Harry Black. Stephen Lang

Steve Miller-Miller, did you finish Last Exit to Brooklyn? Tomorrow night with you and Jim Alexander IV I wanna do some lolberts-style semi-serious literary critique. Including dropping the bomb that I don’t really enjoy Selby’s writing for the most part. (But still think they’re important.) Bring your button-counting cane, I’ll bring my oxygen, Jim can bring his mushrooms and a good academic/beavis and butthead time will be had by all!

In response to unionization by @FeensUnited and @millertwice , I am going to secretly work with the Button Reserve to devalue your buttons.
William F. Tuckley. (insert Buffalo Bill joke here.)
speaking of
tucker and william cuckley:

streetcar. Fresno.


Pokeman Go wyoming dead bodies. common.

pokemon go is government plot to map the insides of buildings with GPS. (says brian sovrin).

heard on FTL that Keyhole,

Googlin: Pokémon in Kensington

black steves matter:


if Jim makes it on:

Jim Jesus mentioned you in a comment on aem945532’s post.

+Michael Dean You should be a better proletariat and work harder for the collective than spending your time making YTPs.

ITT: ancaps centrally planning other people’s time.



You just made this to be funny? What a waste. Its not funny. The weightlifting thing was weird…I think he was trying to demonstrate that he has no free time cuz he works so hard. That phase coincided with a ramp up in guilting for donations. At which point i unsubbed


Oh…I have to get back on prednisone for 6 weeks. Good times.

MWD: let’s discuss. Will drive Steve bonkers. too real for him.

He said 20 mg/day for a week, then 10 mg/day for a week, then 10 mg every other day for two weeks…then we talk about immunosuppressant drugs, which has me STOKED (NOT).

Haha. Okay. He’ll be like UGH OLD PEOPLE

NAnny phones that can’t text and drive:

my friend said “When I got this new phone last year, it came set up so you couldn’t enter any text if the phone was moving over 25mph. Bugged the shit outta me trying to use navigation.”

is that a state requirement?

“No,  just the phone.  I figured out how to shut it off.  Then the last update to the navigation app asks if I’m the passenger every time.”

That’s still legal here for now. It’s annoying how much people do it. Like 5% of the time when the light turns green, it’s many seconds before people look up from their fucking phones and go. not that “there oughta be a law” but people here aren’t very observant of others sometimes. But that’s true anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy S5. AT&T version.

Solution: If you are under the AT&T network then this is probably caused by the AT&T DriveMode app installed in your phone. What this app does is it detects if you are  moving at 25 mph. It then sends out a reply to incoming text messages informing your friends that you are driving.

If you are on any other network then you can turn off driving mode by going to Settings>Voice Input and Output>Text-to-speech settings> Uncheck driving mode.


5055002552946_lThis Freedom Feens episode was edited by MWD with a shotgun and some grave dust from GG Allin’s grave.

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7 Responses to BipCotting the grave of Henry Deringer – Freedom Feens

  1. Anonymous says:

    there are disposable camera pics of me and free marlboro camera pics of me i’d like to find and make go away. then again, they keep me from running for office.

  2. Art says:

    *Dumb Dynasty* … down with the leeashes * a loonger leash for all * huzzah 😀

  3. Art says:

    I have some fun ideas for showing off with BIPCOT, as an aside on my blog or otherwise a small mindmap type open source project for taking notes and making artwork and plans for writing blogs :>

    will let you see more when I’m done

    O shoot, the goose, she’s loose ~ MF DOOM
    (“Kon Queso”) –good song– :] (good reading of Jepherson there in the first few seconds 😉 )

    <<BipCot, because too much ef-fi$h-ency would be WrOnG!1,<<that would be Cat-archy <

  4. Art says:

    [playerS] making fun of Reddit users in the article I guess

  5. Art says:

    Hi there,
    I’m really getting into Max Keiser’s sharp and ironic episodes of his Keiser Report on Youtube right now, haha (because I had some catching up to do! I was so busy I didn’t really get to remembering to keep up listening to the feens, whereas I used to check daily in the Winter and Spring even! and always had a tab pinned 🙁 It helped me stay motivated, because it’s always at least Philly levels of dankness of course (thanks to all the FURRIES , ((ew! 😉 ) program, of course), haha.

    Right now in particular, it’s the Keiser Report E907,
    that I really found quite cool, aestethically, very ironic&poignant, and all 😉

    “In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss the dark side to fantasy math and sinkholes of big-oil debt. In the second half Max interviews Federico Ast of about a judicial system for the internet era.”

    Had to think of all you feens-masters ^^ , I thought might sound like a cool idea to implement/make use of with Cell 411


    • Art says:

      because, who knows, maybe in LibPar Andromeda 2017, all you need to do to get there is, if everybody is like DREDD or Arnie, kicking down someone’s “virtual” doors down just to call bullshit on them, and lay down the FLAAW until society laughs them into oblivion ? ;*)

      “haha, ‘What Pokemon is this? It’s mean as fuck’ ” 😀 Something that made me laugh as well was some headline on Pokemom on the sidebar of, “(Gizmodo) Sore Legs abound as Pokemon Go player accidentally get excercise!”,

      good episode, y’all

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